What Turns Your Teeth Yellow

Even though there are countless teeth whiteners available including whiteners from your dentist or over the counter products, sometimes the best solution is to avoid developing it. When it comes to stained teeth, there are many culprits but here is a small list:

Foods and Beverages – drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine and foods such as berries and candy.

Genetics – you may be prone to yellow teeth because it runs in your family.

Tobacco – Smoking and chewing tobacco is unhealthy and a major factor to teeth staining.

Age – as we get older our teeth become more prone to staining.

Medications – Medications such as high blood pressure, antidepressants or antihistamines can affect staining.

Now we have many over-the-counter products and whitening agents provided by a dentist to help brighten you smile. Ask your dentists what treatment is best for you.


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