Dental Hygiene

Do You Really Need to Floss Your Teeth?

It’s common when checking your teeth for your dentist to ask about your daily brushing and flossing habits. While most folks brush their teeth daily, many neglect to also floss their teeth just as frequently. Flossing your teeth is beneficial, just like brushing your teeth, and can further help sustain healthy teeth and gums. From…

How to Avoid Tooth Decay in Children

Photo of kids giving a thumbs up

Your child’s oral health is connected to their overall physical health, so parents are encouraged to be mindful of their child’s oral hygiene even when raising infants. Unfortunately, many parents have been known to neglect or be unaware of what to avoid to prevent tooth decay in their children. As we enter the New Year,…

How Do I Protect My Teeth During Thanksgiving Dinner?

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As we approach the holiday season, several things may be on your mind, from buying Christmas gifts to making New Year’s Eve plans to planning Thanksgiving dinner. However, one thing that may not cross your mind is how to protect your teeth during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, if you do not make sure to keep your teeth…

Dental Tips, Part Three: Mouthwash

When it comes to proper dental hygiene, brushing your teeth is one thing that quickly comes to mind. However, rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash can provide some additional protection and prevent plaque buildup. Consider these quick mouthwash dental tips : Proper use of mouthwash is not only about gargling the solution; gargling does not get…

Holiday Travel Dental Tips

Holiday Travel Dental Tips Holidays and traveling seem to go hand in hand, dental hygiene and travel though might not fit so easily together. No matter your preferred method of travel here are some helpful tips to keep you and your mouth happy! First and foremost, remember to pack your toothbrush! I know this sounds…

Summer Is Here! Replace Your Toothbrush And Schedule A Cleaning!

Summer is here and that means it is the perfect time to check in with your oral hygiene routine. The kids are out of school for the summer and you most likely do not have to rush to get them ready in the mornings. This leaves your family with a little extra time in the…

Smile Center Dental Featured On Univision

We our proud to be featured on Univision on talk about our practice. We pride ourselves on having a fluent Spanish speaking to help any of our patients. We make strides to be able to help anybody in the community.

We’ve Launched Our New Website!

Here at Smile Center Dental, YOU come first. Over the past few months, we’ve redeveloped our website to better serve you, making it easier to find information and schedule appointments. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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