Summer Dental Hygiene Tips

During the summer, a family’s daily schedule can change, making it difficult to maintain essential dental health habits. However, it is important to continue taking care of your teeth and gums to avoid developing cavities, gingivitis or halitosis. Here are a few ways to prevent dental problems this summer.

Summer Dental Hygiene Tip 1: Buy a New Toothbrush

The beginning of summer is an excellent time to buy a new toothbrush to remove food and beverage debris from your mouth. Take everyone in your family to the local drugstore to buy new toothbrushes. When children and teenagers have a toothbrush that they choose themselves, they are more likely to brush their teeth. Teenagers will want to choose a toothbrush that is their favorite color while younger children might want a toothbrush that has a picture of a favorite cartoon character.

Summer Dental Hygiene Tip 2: Have a Reward System

Create a reward system for your children to ensure that they are brushing their teeth at least twice a day. When your daughter brushes her teeth without a reminder, give her a sticker that she can put on a reward card. When the reward card is filled with stickers, give your daughter a prize such as a trip to the zoo or to a movie.

Summer Dental Hygiene Tip 3: Bring Along Oral Hygiene Products

When you are traveling with your family on a vacation, make sure to bring along oral hygiene products such as floss, toothpaste and mouth rinses in addition to toothbrushes. It is especially important for everyone to brush and floss their teeth after eating sugary beverages and sticky foods.

Summer Dental Hygiene Tip 4: Visit a Dentist For an Examination

Summer is the perfect time to visit a dentist for an examination. You can have your teeth cleaned, and if there is a problem such as a cavity, then this is a good time to have it fixed. If anyone in your family requires a procedure such as a dental restoration or wisdom teeth removal, then he will have plenty of time to recover in the summer.


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