How Do I Protect My Teeth During Thanksgiving Dinner?

ssAs we approach the holiday season, several things may be on your mind, from buying Christmas gifts to making New Year’s Eve plans to planning Thanksgiving dinner. However, one thing that may not cross your mind is how to protect your teeth during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, if you do not make sure to keep your teeth safe on Turkey Day, you could be in for a rude awakening come the New Year.

Tips to Help You Protect Your Teeth During Thanksgiving

The University of Rochester’s Medical Center released a few tips for helping people to protect their teeth during Thanksgiving, including:

  • Appetizers – There are appetizers that will not hurt your teeth that you can serve as part of your Thanksgiving meal, including raw vegetables, cheese and nuts. Cheese contains calcium, which can help strengthen your teeth. Chewing nuts and raw vegetables helps you produce more saliva, which washes away germs from your teeth and helps you prevent tooth decay. Nuts also contain calcium and minerals that will help make your teeth stronger.
  • Main Course – Include vegetables sauteed in sesame oil as a dish. There is evidence that rinsing with sesame oil instead of mouthwash can help reduce plaque and lessen or even reverse the impact of gingivitis.
  • Dessert – A healthy dessert that can help protect your teeth is fresh pear slices and honey yogurt dip. This involves cutting pears into thin slices and combining plain Greek yogurt and a couple of spoonfuls of honey into a dip. The pears can lessen the impact of acid on the surface of your teeth. The yogurt contains calcium and phosphates which will help strengthen your teeth, and the honey will act as a natural antiseptic.
  • Beverages – Tap water contains fluoride, which will help reverse damage that acid can do to your tooth enamel. Both black tea and green tea fight cavities by killing bacteria.

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