Home Remedies for Temporary Tooth Pain Relief

This post will help you find different ways to alleviate your pain temporarily with household products. Some of these household tips, you may have already heard about. The following is some common tips to help reduce tooth pain.

Garlic – chewing on a couple of garlic cloves or making a mixture of garlic cloves, garlic powder, and table salt. Garlic will be most effective after several days of doing it.

Onion – Chewing on raw onions for 3 to 6 minutes can help reduce pain due to the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. The only downside is the bad breath.

Vanilla Extract – Vanilla extract can numb and provide a calming sensation. Only use a small amount on you teeth or gums. Simply use 2-3 drops on a cotton swap or q-tip and apply to the area causing pain.

Wheatgrass juice – Wheatgrass helps fight tooth decay by absorbing toxins from your gums. The most effective way is to make juice and use it as mouthwash. The second alternative is to chew on wheatgrass.

The household remedies are meant for temporary relief and not long term solutions.


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