Holiday Travel Dental Tips

Holiday Travel Dental Tips

Holidays and traveling seem to go hand in hand, dental hygiene and travel though might not fit so easily together. No matter your preferred method of travel here are some helpful tips to keep you and your mouth happy!

First and foremost, remember to pack your toothbrush! I know this sounds so simple but when you are rushing around packing things up it is so easy to forget your toothbrush. Create a list of your essential items that need to be packed last, like your dental supplies, and make sure you check them all off before you leave.

Now that you have your toothbrush on your list what is the best way to store it? There are all sorts of cases on the market the will keep your toothbrush from touching any unwanted surfaces, a good rule to remember when using one of these cases is to let your toothbrush air dry before you put it in the case. A wet toothbrush in a closed dark location is ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

What good is a toothbrush with no toothpaste? Companies have created miniature versions of all your favorite toothpaste in order to make traveling easier. It may not seem ideal to carry a full-size tube of toothpaste when you will only be gone a couple of days, these mini tubes though give you no excuse to not keep those teeth pearly white.

Last but not any less important dental floss. It is easy to tell yourself that it is just a short trip so there won’t be a need to bring dental floss. It is very important though to keep flossing while traveling. Companies have again made this a simple task with floss picks. Stash a couple of these in your bag and you will be able to floss quickly every day during your trip.

Have happy and safe travels during this holiday from your dental team at Smile Center Dental. Contact us at (512)452-8200 to schedule an appointment today.


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