A Healthy Diet For Healthy Teeth

A healthy diet can help your children build strong and healthy teeth, while a poor diet puts your children at risk of developing tooth decay. You probably understand how vital nutritious meals are for growing kids, but one thing some parents often struggle with choosing the rights foods for snack time. Here some tips for your children’s snack time to keep it tooth-friendly:

Snacks Are Not Created Equal

Steer clear from starchy, sticky and sugary foods during snack time. Examples of these types of foods include cookies, crackers, chips, and dried fruits. These snacks stick to teeth for long periods of time and have the potential of causing cavities. It’s in your children’s best interest to go for fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese or yogurt.

If You Do Indulge, Do So During Mealtime

It is not expected that you or your child never eat starches or sweets. Instead of eating them at snack time, eat them during meals! It’s not just important what you eat, but when you choose to eat it. During mealtimes, there is an increase in the amount of saliva the mouth produces. This helps wash away sugary treats and starches, reduce acid-producing bacteria and also remineralize teeth.

Our Priority Is Your Dental Health

At Smile Center Dental, we care about the dental health of your whole family. A healthy diet, and proper nutrition, especially at snack time, will ensure healthy smiles for you and your children for a lifetime!


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