Halloween Dental Tips

Halloween is just around the corner so here are some dental tips to help keep your little one’s smile healthy:

Limit Your Child’s Access to Candy

Most kids go trick-or-treating on Halloween and end up with massive amounts of candy. This candy has the potential to damage their healthy smile if not consumed responsibly. Allowing your child to have unlimited access to their bounty is probably not a good idea. There are certain times that candy should not be consumed, like after brushing or right before bedtime. Limiting your child’s access to candy will help ensure that candy is not consumed during these times.

Encourage Your Child To Brush Frequently

Having a regular dental hygiene routine for your child is a must do for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Encourage your child to brush frequently especially after they eat candy or other foods that are known to be damaging to teeth. It is also important to discuss, with your child, the reasons why they need to brush their teeth and visit the dentist.

Happy Halloween from Smile Center Dental!


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