Does Flavored Dental Floss Make A Difference?

Most children are not especially enthusiastic about flossing their teeth. We recommend that remind your children that flossing with flavored dental floss can enhance their smiles by getting rid of potentially embarrassing food pieces stuck in their teeth and also helps promote fresh breath. This may be the motivation they need to get them to floss their teeth before school.

Adults can appreciate the refreshing qualities of flavored floss, too. Most adults have very little time for oral care throughout the day. A flavored dental floss may be just what is needed after lunch. If you don’t want the mint in your dental floss to clash with a mint flavored toothpaste, keep mint flavor dental floss in your desk. Use the mint flavored floss for midday dental care and use an unflavored dental floss for your evening oral hygiene care routine.

Some people ask, “If I could only have one kind of dental floss, what should it be?” Our answer is simply this: One you will be commit to using every day. Oral-B® Ultra Floss® is a good all-purpose option. The floss’ special nylon fibers stretch thin in order to fit between your teeth. The fibers then spring back to clean away the plaque. This makes it easy to use correctly. This type of dental loss comes in pre-measured strands which makes it convenient to use. With such convenience, you may be more likely to floss regularly. Because flossing needs vary, it is helpful to try several different types of dental floss to find the one that works the best for you.

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