Smile Center Dental is here to help you with all your dental needs. There are times that you can’t save your teeth. This results in extractions. If you have so many teeth gone, dentures are available to help.

Dentures replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue.  Most dentures are removable. There is a complete denture and a partial denture to choose from. The complete denture is when you have all of your teeth missing. The partial denture is when you have some of your original teeth remaining in your mouth.


For complete dentures, you choose from conventional or immediate. For the conventional denture, you have all your teeth removed. After about 12 weeks, when the gums have begun to heal, the denture is ready for placement.

You have the immediate denture made before extracting your teeth. Once completed, you have your teeth extracted. The dentist places the denture the same day. Due to the denture being placed immediately, you are never without teeth during the healing process. The disadvantage with this option is that your dentures might have more adjustments than a conventional denture because of the changes your gums have during the healing process.


Partial dentures attach to your existing teeth. There is permanent or removable partial dentures. A lot of times, the permanent partial is a bridge. The precision partial is removable. The precision partial uses smaller clasps that are adjacent to crowns. This helps create a natural look for your smile.

If you want to learn more about dentures, give us a call.

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