Dental Tips, Part Three: Mouthwash

When it comes to proper dental hygiene, brushing your teeth is one thing that quickly comes to mind. However, rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash can provide some additional protection and prevent plaque buildup. Consider these quick mouthwash dental tips :

Proper use of mouthwash is not only about gargling the solution; gargling does not get the germ and plaque fighting power to all of the places that it needs to be. In addition to gargling, you should also try to swish the liquid back and forth over your teeth, both the front and the back, and even between them if you can.

Remember, you don’t need to use too much mouthwash. 10 to 20 ml is often enough. Swish this around for about half a minute at minimum. Never use mouthwash for much more than a full minute, but do make sure to pass the solution over all of your teeth as best as possible.

Keep in mind, you should also avoid swallowing mouthwash. Although it is a powerful cleaning agent, most mouthwashes are not meant to be swallowed, to be sure to spit out the mouthwash when you are done using it. Once you are done with your mouthwash, do not rinse your mouth with water immediately, as this will remove the cleaning residue it leaves on your teeth. Also, avoid drinking water for a short period of time, as this can cause you to consume any mouthwash remaining in your mouth.

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