Dental Implants

A healthy set of teeth composes a beautiful smile that can improve your self-confidence. However, a strong set of teeth also serves a more practical purpose. They allow you to enjoy the foods you love and chew comfortably.

It becomes more difficult to enjoy your smile and even your favorite foods when you lose a tooth. To remedy this, you need a tough and resilient solution that will last. Dental implants from Smile Center Dental are the perfect solution. We can fit you with the dental implants that serve as real teeth in their function and return the comfort of chewing to you so that you may enjoy your smile and the foods you eat.

Getting your dental implants from Smile Center Dental means that you are completing your smile with a leading dental provider in the Austin Texas region. We have extensive experience designing and replacing teeth using the latest in dental implant technology. Call us today to learn more at (855) 834-4451.

Dental Implants Are Worth It

There are other less effective and less permanent methods of tooth replacement, but only dental implants offer the permanent solution you want. Dental implants connect directly to your jaw giving you the most secure positioning possible. The other benefit of being secured to your jaw is that the implant eventually connects with your living tissue forming a permanent bond between you and your new implant.

Supplementing this great bond are top of the line materials that are used in all of our dental implants to ensure longevity and look. Each dental implant is uniquely designed by us to match your existing set of teeth and fit in properly. This entails texture modification, color matching, and proper sizing to make your dental implant truly yours and look as natural as possible.

Take your next step to a more beautiful and comfortable smile with Smile Center Dental by calling us at (855) 834-4451 today.

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